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masters golf tickets
79th edition of The Masters Golf Tournament will be held at
The Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia
from April 9–12 , 2015. Book the Masters tickets today!

History And traditions Of The Masters Golf Tournament

The masters golf tournament is an annual event hosted in Augusta and which attracts professional golfers both members and non-members of the professional golfers association from all over the world. It can be quite unbelievable to hear that the history of this tournament dates back in the 1930s. Were it not for Bobby Jones aspiration, the the Augusta national Golf Club would have never come to existence. For the realization of this, the masters golf tournament co-founders, Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones decided to purchase the old Fruitland property located in Augusta for a staggering seventy thousand dollars. For proper designing of the course, Bobby Jones pinpointed on Dr. Alister Mackenzie who completed the course design. It was during that summer that the Augusta National Golf Club got a flagship allowing its construction to commence.

After several years of construction, the golf course was completed and in the year 1934, the inaugural tournament, known as the masters tournament was hosted. The crown of that tournament went with Horton Smith who defeated Craig Wood in the final encounter of the tournament to become the first champion of the masters tournament. This was a victory that saw him take home a one thousand five hundred dollar share of the purse.

It is unarguably true that no other golf tournament can prove to be better that the US masters golf tournament. Being a major occurrence in the golf calendar, it is considered to be the most valued and esteemed tournament of all four tournaments in the calendar. This golf tournament bears a legendary tradition and history which makes it fiercely protected by the club. Here are some aspects that have made the tournament highly renowned and prestigious.

To begin with, the Augusta national Golf Club located in Augusta, United States has always been the home of the masters since its establishment in 1934. Being an annual event, it boasts of being among the oldest golf tournaments in the world. Being an invitation only event, the people who participate in this tournament are selected by a committee of the Augusta Clubs. It is for this reason that this tournament features less players as compared to some other major golf tournaments in the world.

Another essential tradition and symbolic aspect of the masters tournament is the green jacket. Apart from taking home a highly coveted trophy and a huge amount of prize money, the eventual winner of this championship receives a green jacket which is the official attire worn by Augusta national members when they are on the grounds. This means that the player wins a major championship in addition to being made an honorary personnel in the club. As part of the tradition, the previous tournament’s winner assists the new winner in wearing the jacket as a conclusive mark of the tournament. The masters tournament winner automatically qualifies for the other three main championships for a period of five years in addition to a lifetime participation in the masters golf tournament. Take a look at available Masters Tickets here.