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Getting tickets for any of the top sport events in the United states is quite difficult. The world series, the super bowl, the Kentucky Derby and the Indy 500 are more than just sports events, they are part of country’s culture and so is the Masters Golf Tournament, held annually in The Augusta National Golf Club, Georgia. Well, if the tickets to the World series and the Super Bowl are hard to get, then expect nothing less of the Masters Golf Tournament.

The tickets may be hard to get, but they are not impossible and if you have never been to the masters, then this year should be your first. As many of us already know, tickets are usually at a limited number and they have always been sold out year after year. There is a waiting list that you cannot get on and the number of tickets sold is a secret guarded by the folks at Augusta National.

However, there are other avenues just like in other sport events.

the-masters-golf-tournamentIt may be a surprise to most, particularly the non-golf fans, but the Masters golf tickets might be the second most hard to get after the Super Bowl ones. It’s not just due to the competition, but the location as well. It is the only one of the 4 majors that is played the same golf course each year and for the “hardcore” golfers, it is a hallowed ground while for the first timers, it is always more impressive that what they expected.

Just like the super bowl, if you are willing to pay the price, then you can get the masters golf tickets. A badge might cost $1500 or more but for most golf fans, it’s worth it. Fortunately, the Masters and Augusta National are very strict about the resale of these tickets and those caught could have their ticket privileges revoked, but this policy doesn’t hinder ticket brokers from acquiring the master golf tickets. So, if you are willing to take the risk, you can always get the tickets from ticket brokers.

You can also show up the during the tournament and try to buy tickets form scalpers. It’s the same deal but you could be able to get hold of them in person at a cheaper rate, especially when the weather is rainy. But of course, the best way to see the tournament is through the major sponsors who not only have allocated tickets, but a hospitality cabin and other special privileges.

For the first timers, I would recommend trying to score tickets during round offs, which are usually at a cheaper rate. The good thing with practice rounds is that you can even take cameras. During the tournament proper, you all not even supposed to enter with a phone in the premises. While par 3 parts are now televised, it is still a part of Augusta National that most people don’t get to see. Moreover, during the par 3, you will get to see the legendary payers such as Gary player and Jack Nicklaus, who often opt not to play in the championship tournament.

The practice tickets are now available through scalpers and brokers and you can even get them from through the online application means. There’s also a random ticket allocation every year so if you are lucky, you might win them legitimately. All you have to do is visit the website’s ticket page and register.