The Augusta National Golf Club – Masters Tickets

2015 Masters Golf Tournament Tickets, Hotel and Private Houses


The Augusta National Golf Club is home to the Masters Golf Tournament each year. The golf tournament is like the Super Bowl for golf lovers. Fans travel from all over the world to Augusta, GA to see their favorite players in action. The golf tournament is the biggest event to grace the Augusta, GA area every year.

The Augusta National Golf Club includes a large array of amenities available for patrons attending the tournament. Automated teller machines are available for individuals who need to handle their banking needs. Parking is available within the facilities (but limited), so you won’t have to walk a long distance to get to the tournament.

Golf shops are present, so you can get souvenirs to commemorate the big event. Patron photos, telephones, a message center, first aid, spectator guides, and pairing sheets are also available for use.

master golf ticketsSecurity within and around the premises is very strict. Every year, there is a prohibited items list. This list includes items that are strictly prohibited within the area at all times. Some of these items include walkie-talkies, ladders, tape recorders, strollers, alcoholic beverages, camera, cell phones, purses, backpacks, flags, and folding armchairs.

Cameras are only permitted for personal use during the Practice Round days. These days are on the first three days of the week. If anyone if found to possess any of the items on the prohibited items list, the ticket holder will be subject to being removed from the grounds, and the person who purchased the tickets will permanently lose their credentials.

Until August 2012, women were refused membership into the golf club. The Augusta National defended this stance. Their claim was that female spouses or guests of active members made up over 15% of players in the non-tournament rounds. The club insisted they had a right to defend the membership policies, because they are a private organization.

However, the ban against female membership ended in August 2012 when the club admitted its very first two women members. Those two members were Darla Moore and Condoleezza Rice.

In Augusta, GA, the average temperatures in April range from a warm and sunny 80 degrees to a low and chilly 50 degrees. It is also common for it to rain during Masters week just about every year. It is difficult to know what to wear during Masters week, because there is a large array of weather conditions that may be present.

When planning to attend the Masters Tournament, it is recommended to bring sunscreen, hats, and cool clothing for the possible warm and sunny days. Also, umbrellas are permitted to be brought on rainy days if the rounds are not postponed.

If you plan to visit the golf club during Masters week from out of town, you will not be alone. For many, the trip is anticipated all year. Some local residents rent out their homes during the week of the Masters Augusta. Hotel and motel accommodations can also be made if preferred.